Tender man­age­ment — 6th ele­ment­ary school Langen

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District of Offenbach

The dis­trict of Offen­bach and the city of Langen intend to cooper­ate in order to build a new ele­ment­ary school with an integ­rated sports com­plex, a day­care centre for chil­dren with an integ­rated family centre in the new Liebig­straße devel­op­ment area of the city of Langen. 

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© Waechter+Waechter Architekten BDA, Darmstadt
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© Waechter+Waechter Architekten BDA, Darmstadt

As part of the pro­ject ini­ti­ation, PRO­PRO­JEKT sup­por­ted the dis­trict of Offen­bach with space plan­ning and a schem­atic test plan to verify the require­ments and spe­cific­a­tions. PRO­PRO­JEKT then sup­por­ted the dis­trict of Offen­bach in the coordin­a­tion and imple­ment­a­tion of Europe-wide nego­ti­ation pro­ced­ures with com­pet­it­ive ten­der­ing in accord­ance with § 17 VgV for the award of the neces­sary pro­ject man­age­ment and plan­ning ser­vices - pro­ject man­age­ment (in accord­ance with AHO), object plan­ning (in accord­ance with §34 HOAI), open space plan­ning (in accord­ance with §39 HOAI) and struc­tural plan­ning (in accord­ance with §49 HOAI) as well as the spe­cial­ised plan­ning of the tech­nical equip­ment (in accord­ance with §53 HOAI).


  • Space planning and schematic test plan
  • Preparation of the process including scheduling
  • Development of the evaluation criteria for the competition
  • Elaboration of the application forms, including the service description and the tender documents
  • Evaluation of the application forms and offers as well as conducting the respective negotiations
  • Continuous provision of information to all parties involved in the process and communication with the bidders
  • Documentation of the process and creation of the award notice

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Waechter+Waechter Architekten BDA, Darmstadt