BNG2027 — FIFA Women's World Cup™ Bid

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Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany

The Royal Bel­gian Foot­ball Asso­ci­ation (RBFA), the Royal Dutch Foot­ball Asso­ci­ation (KNVB) and the German Foot­ball Asso­ci­ation (DFB) jointly bid for host­ing the FIFA Women's World Cup 2027TM. The bid­ding doc­u­ments to host the world's biggest women's sport­ing event were developed under the motto 'Break­ing New Ground' reflect­ing the ini­tial let­ters of the three coun­tries.

In addi­tion to the joint 'BNG' bid, the foot­ball asso­ci­ations of South Africa, Brazil and the USA together with Mexico, are also taking part in the bid­ding pro­cess for the world's biggest women's sport­ing event. The host elec­tion is expec­ted at the FIFA Con­gress on 17 May 2024.

393_06_BNG2027_Bid Books
393_07_BNG2027_Bid Books
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With this bid, the three asso­ci­ations want to extend the exist­ing suc­cess of the FIFA Women's World Cup and strengthen women's foot­ball world­wide. In addi­tion to a com­pact concept with 13 sta­di­ums – 4 in Bel­gium, 5 in the Neth­er­lands and 4 in North Rhine-West­phalia – the main focus lies on fan exper­i­ence and the sus­tain­ab­il­ity of the tour­na­ment.

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After PRO­PRO­JEKT already sup­por­ted the DFB with the selec­tion of the German Can­did­ate Cities last year, the cooper­a­tion with the three asso­ci­ations was con­tin­ued. PRO­PRO­JEKT was respons­ible for the coordin­a­tion of the bid book devel­op­ment pro­cess and, together with AS+P, provided the bid team with tech­nical and coordin­a­tion sup­port in the pre­par­a­tion of the bid­ding doc­u­ments.

The biding doc­u­ments, which were sub­mit­ted to FIFA on 8 Decem­ber, include the 17-chapter bid book, an exec­ut­ive sum­mary in Eng­lish, Span­ish and French as well as addi­tional tech­nical doc­u­ments.

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  • Analysis of FIFA requirements and quality assurance of all bidding documents
  • Overall coordination and preparation of the bidding documents
  • Consolidation and harmonisation of content provided by each association
  • Technical and strategic advice to the bid team during the entire bidding process
  • Participation in FIFA workshops including content preparation
  • Coordination and support in developing the sustainability concept, including preparation and technical support for stakeholder workshops

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