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Summer at the river Main “Sports Ele­ment” — Urban Sports Park

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Planning, Sports
Frankfurt am Main
Sportkreis Frankfurt

Inspired by the banks of the river Seine in Paris, the Aarhus canal in Den­mark, and the lifely rivers in Lyon, it was planned to revive the North­ern bank of the river Main in Frank­furt (the “Mainkai”) as a public space during the summer of 2022. Over the course of eight weeks, the Mainkai, usu­ally a busy road, was opened up to the people of Frank­furt, provid­ing street art, daily sports and activ­ity offers, sports events, offers for kids as well as art and dance events. 

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In cooper­a­tion with many of the city’s stake­hold­ers, this allowed to test and exper­i­ment with simple means which kind of activ­it­ies and offers work and prove suc­cess­ful on road space, provid­ing valu­able insights how to trans­form the Mainkai into an attract­ive and enga­ging public space for all cit­izens in the long term. 

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© Cornelius Pfannkuch
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© Kadir Akgün

The sports ele­ment of this “Summer at the river Main” was cent­rally coordin­ated and imple­men­ted by the “Sportkreis Frank­furt” (the umbrella organ­isa­tion of all sports asso­ci­ations in Frank­furt) in close coordin­a­tion with the sports depart­ment and sports office of Frank­furt. In addi­tion, it was pos­sible to win many of the city’s stake­hold­ers and cooper­a­tion part­ners to plan and imple­ment many of the activ­it­ies. PRO­PRO­JEKT sup­por­ted the Sportkreis with the over­all coordin­a­tion and man­age­ment of all tasks neces­sary to pre­pare, plan and imple­ment all activ­it­ies.

Fur­ther inform­a­tion can be found here.


  • Development of the event concept and programme
  • Scheduling and cost planning
  • Organisational and content-related preparation and implementation of the event
  • Stakeholder management
  • Post-event evaluation 


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Nassira El Hassani