Pro­ject man­age­ment hous­ing estate "Leuchte"

0365_03_Projektsteuerung Wohnanlage Leuchte
Frankfurt am Main
St. Katharinen- und Weißfrauenstift

In line with the pur­pose of the found­a­tion, the St. Kath­ar­inen- und Weiß­frauen­stift is plan­ning a new res­id­en­tial com­plex for senior women in the devel­op­ment area “Leuchte” in Frank­furt Bergen-Enkheim. In addi­tion to the senior cit­izen res­id­en­tial com­plex, two apart­ment build­ings are planned on the approx. 3,600 sqm site, which will be made avail­able to employ­ees of the found­a­tion as well other employ­ees from the care and social sec­tors.

PRO­PRO­JEKT is com­mis­sioned with the pro­ject man­age­ment in all plan­ning and real­isa­tion phases to sup­port the St. Kath­ar­inen- und Weiß­frauen­stift as well as to manage a com­pre­hens­ive European ten­der­ing pro­ced­ure to award the object and tech­nical plan­ning ser­vices. Cur­rently the pro­ject is in the plan­ning phase, the sub­mis­sion of the plan­ning applic­a­tion is sched­uled for autumn 2022. After com­ple­tion of the basic infra­struc­ture devel­op­ment work by the city of Frank­furt, the con­struc­tion of the senior cit­izens' res­id­en­tial com­plex and the two apart­ment build­ings is expec­ted to begin in spring/summer 2023. The over­all com­ple­tion of the res­id­en­tial com­plex is planned for the end of 2024.


  • Project management in all planning and realisation phases
  • Organisation, implementation and assessment of a Europe-wide tendering process for object and technical planning services

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