Feas­ib­il­ity study for the expan­sion of the Con­gresshalle Saar­brucken

Erweiterung Congresshalle Saarbrücken 01
Congress-Centrum Saar GmbH

The exist­ing Con­gresshalle in the state cap­ital Saar­brucken, which is under a pre­ser­va­tion order, is to be exten­ded by a modern and mul­ti­func­tional build­ing for con­ven­tions, trade shows, exhib­i­tions and other types of events. In addi­tion to the primary goal of sup­ple­ment­ing the cul­tural offers and the eco­nomic revital­iz­a­tion of the city center of Saar­brucken, the city­scape along the river Saar in the imme­di­ate vicin­ity of the Saar prom­en­ade is to be enhanced.

To verify the feas­ib­il­ity of the pro­ject, the Con­gress-Centrum Saar GmbH, as oper­ator of the listed prop­erty, has launched a feas­ib­il­ity study to cla­rify func­tional, urban devel­op­ment and eco­nomic aspects for the planned expan­sion. There­fore PRO­PRO­JEKT Planungs­man­age­ment & Pro­jekt­ber­a­tung GmbH in col­lab­or­a­tion with AS+P Albert Speer + Part­ner GmbH and Can­z­ler Ingenieure was com­mis­sioned with the pre­par­a­tion of a detailed feas­ib­il­ity study.

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The detailed feas­ib­il­ity study was based on vari­ous pre­lim­in­ary con­sid­er­a­tions of the past few years, in which the first strategies for expand­ing the exist­ing listed build­ing were already examined par­tially. The pro­cess was divided into four phases that build on one another and provide feed­back and are accom­pan­ied by a con­tinu­ous coordin­a­tion pro­cess with the main stake­hold­ers.


  • Needs ana­lysis: Defin­i­tion of pro­ject goals and require­ments
  • Func­tional pro­gram and room alloc­a­tion: Defin­i­tion of room sizes, para­met­ers and func­tion schemes
  • Concept plan­ning: Imple­ment­a­tion and optim­iz­a­tion of the func­tional pro­gram and room alloc­a­tion within the frame­work of urban and func­tional concept plan­ning
  • Cost and sched­ule plan­ning: Cal­cu­la­tion of the expec­ted invest­ment costs and ini­tial frame­work sched­ule

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Con­gress-Centrum Saar GmbH

AS+P Albert Speer + Part­ner GmbH