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Multi-func­tional Arena Olympiapark München

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Olympiapark München GmbH

The Olympiapark München GmbH (OMG) was man­dated by the state cap­ital of Munich, Ger­many, to issue a call for tenders for the con­struc­tion of a new sports arena on the site of the former velo­drome in the Olympiapark. The new arena is sup­posed to serve as the home venue for Munich’s pro­fes­sional ice hockey and bas­ket­ball teams and be used for the local sports-for-all clubs and schools as well. Fur­ther, the sports arena shall be con­struc­ted by a private investor.

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PRO­PRO­JEKT was com­mis­sioned to carry out the pro­cure­ment man­age­ment. The pro­ject was designed to be real­ised as a build­ing con­ces­sion on a lease­hold prop­erty. After a Europe-wide public tender announce­ment and the real­isa­tion of the com­pet­it­ive bid­ding, a nego­ti­ation pro­cess based on the com­piled pro­cure­ment doc­u­ments was imple­men­ted with the inter­ested bid­ders. The award­ing of the con­ces­sion was super­vised until the con­tract award decision. At the same time, PRO­PRO­JEKT was com­mis­sioned to ana­lyse the offer­ing price of the bid and the eco­nomic feas­ib­il­ity of the pro­ject from the per­spect­ive of the con­ces­sion­aire, which was done by apply­ing busi­ness mod­el­ling based on identi­fy­ing and quan­ti­fy­ing all rel­ev­ant poten­tial rev­en­ues and expendit­ures


  • Devel­op­ment of the award­ing strategy
  • Busi­ness mod­el­ling and feas­ib­il­ity ana­lysis of the build­ing con­ces­sion
  • Pro­cess design, gen­eral timeline man­age­ment and organ­isa­tion
  • Spe­cific­a­tion of ser­vices
  • Pre­par­a­tion of the Europe-wide public tender announce­ment
  • Devel­op­ment of the eval­u­ation cri­teria for the com­pet­it­ive bid­ding and the award­ing
  • Real­isa­tion of the com­pet­it­ive bid­ding
  • Assess­ment of the sub­mit­ted offers
  • Pre­par­a­tion, real­isa­tion and post­pro­cessing of the nego­ti­ations
  • Pre­par­a­tion of the award pro­posal and doc­u­ment­a­tio

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