03. February 2017

Advis­ory Board of National Urban Devel­op­ment Policy

Tenth Anniversary of the Leipzig Charta of National Urban Devel­op­ment Policy.

The pro­gres­sion and realign­ment of the national urban devel­op­ment policy were in the focus of this year’s advis­ory board meet­ing on the 24th of Janu­ary 2017 in the Heilig-Kreuz church in Berlin. “Ten years of national urban devel­op­ment policy – Ret­ro­spec­tion and Out­look”: 40 appoin­ted board mem­bers dis­cussed today’s chal­lenges, per­spect­ives and approaches of urban devel­op­ment in Ger­many. The experts paid spe­cial atten­tion to the ques­tion of how the solid­ar­ity within soci­ety in our cities and com­munit­ies can be shaped in the future – across resorts and dis­cip­lines, in regards to cli­mate change and pro­tec­tion, immig­ra­tion, integ­ra­tion and demo­graphic change.

PRO­PRO­JEKT, together with Büro Kaufmann, was in charge of the con­tent-related and organ­iz­a­tional sup­port of the event.

Kuratorium NSP