13. February 2017

PRO­PRO­JEKT sup­ports Ham­burg’s bid for the ITS World Con­gress 2021

The Free and Hanseatic City of Ham­burg together with the German national organ­isa­tion for intel­li­gent trans­port infra­struc­ture ITS Deutsch­land and sup­por­ted by the Fed­eral Min­istry of Trans­port and Digital Infra­struc­ture is bid­ding to host the ITS World Con­gress 2021. PRO­PRO­JEKT was assigned by the Min­istry of Eco­nomy, Trans­port and Innov­a­tion of the Free and Hanseatic City of Ham­burg to develop a storyline and com­pile a bid book for the Ham­burg 2021 bid from Janu­ary to March 2017.

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ITS World Congress Hamburg 02
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