15. January 2024

Per­son­nel changes in the man­age­ment board

At the end of 2023, Friedemann Tutsch left PRO­PRO­JEKT to take on new tasks and pro­jects.

Since join­ing us over 20 years ago, he has played a key role in shap­ing our com­pany as a pro­ject man­ager, author­ised sig­nat­ory and member of the man­age­ment board. We would like to expressly thank him for his valu­able work and time at PRO­PRO­JEKT.

Stefan Klos and Immanuel Geis will ini­tially lead and con­tinue his cur­rent pro­jects. On behalf of the entire PRO­PRO­JEKT team, we wish Friedemann Tutsch all the best for the new pro­jects and chal­lenges ahead.