25. August 2015

9th Fed­eral Con­gress - National Urban Devel­op­ment Policy

"Urban Ener­gies – Living Integ­ra­tion"


From Septem­ber 16th till Septem­ber 18th, 2015 the Fed­eral Min­istery for the Envir­on­ment, Nature Con­ser­va­tion, Build­ing and Nuc­lear Safety invites together with the Stand­ing Con­fer­ence of Fed­eral State Min­is­ters and Sen­at­ors respons­ible for Urban Devel­op­ment, Build­ing and Hous­ing, the German Asso­ci­ation of Cities, and the German Asso­ci­ation of Towns and Muni­cip­al­it­ies to attend the 9th Fed­eral Con­gress on National Urban Devel­op­ment Policy in the recently ren­ov­ated con­fer­ence hall at the Leipzig Zoo.

The topic of this year’s fed­eral con­gress “Urban Ener­gies – Living Integ­ra­tion” high­lights import­ant areas of integ­rated urban devel­op­ment. Cur­rent pri­or­it­ies, strategies and assess­ments from real-life and on-site cases will be covered and dis­cussed. Dif­fer­ent per­spect­ives and con­crete approaches for integ­rated urban devel­op­ment will be examined on hand from inter­na­tional and national pro­jects in 5 future arenas. During a Pecha Kucha After­noon of National Urban Devel­op­ment Policy, par­ti­cipants from all around Ger­many will intro­duce con­cepts, strategies, pro­jects and alli­ances that have con­trib­uted to set­ting pos­it­ive impulses.

In cooper­a­tion with Büro Kaufmann, PRO­PRO­JEKT sup­por­ted the BMVBS with the devel­op­ment and coordin­a­tion of concept and pro­gram, the doc­u­ment­a­tion and the com­pre­hens­ive pro­ject man­age­ment.


Down­load of the pro­gramme (PDF, 0.5 MB)

Fur­ther inform­a­tion on the venue and the pro­gramme (German lan­guage only)


9. Bundeskongress

Leipzi­ger Messe