We have


No matter how com­plex your task and our chal­lenge is, what our pro­jects have in common is our pro­fes­sional approach and our com­mit­ted work style.

Operating principles

Our pro­act­ive approach to master chal­lenges is common to all PRO-pro­jects.


We work / customised


We are always looking for intelligent concepts to develop individual and smart solutions. Our ultimate goal is to develop functional and inspiring buildings, concepts and organisational structures. We work closely with our customers to find the right tool for each task and to make the right decisions together.


We work / creative


We like complex considerations – some projects need dreamers, some realists and some critics. We think outside the box and support innovative approaches. We experiment, ask questions and create new frameworks. Observations, analyses and calculations help us to understand challenges, however, solving them might require the development of exceptional solutions.


We work / with pleasure


We get involved. Because the crucial factor for the success of a project is the personal motivation and commitment of each team member. Our approach is based on creativity, efficiency and structure. We are determined, reliable and listen carefully. We provide support, express ideas, design and communicate. We love to work and only lean back when our customers are happy.


Our pro­jects are shaped by the com­bined strength of our indi­vidual team mem­bers.


We stand for / teamwork


We support sports in Germany. As a strategic partner of "Team D", we have been taking over key tasks in architecture and project management for the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) together with AS+P since 2017 and develop the German Houses in the respective Host Cities of the Olympic Games. The values of sport – team spirit, diversity, respect and internationality – are reflected in our daily interactions as well as our projects.


We stand for / quality


Highly complex projects require professionalism, detailed expertise and versatile skills. We have the right tools! Our interdisciplinary team offers specialists from six different disciplines. In addition, many of our colleagues are certified project managers and project controllers according to the German Association of Project Managers in the Construction and Real Estate Industry (DVP), the Project Management Institute (PMI) and International Project Management Association (IPMA). We foster the regular exchange of knowledge among each other through semi-annual strategic review, specialised group discussions and weekly team meetings.


We stand for / sustainability


We think ahead! Because we only consider a project to be sustainable if it takes future needs into account without creating excess capacities. In our work we consider both the environment’s requirements and the specific project settings. With regard to resource-efficient construction, our certified employees are happy to advise you in accordance with the guidelines of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Corporate culture

Our pro­jects are about cre­at­ing a rela­tion­ship between the qual­ity of life of people and their built envir­on­ment.


We live / equality


Sustainable corporate culture starts with the basic principles of a company. At PROPROJEKT, we believe in and live equality and mutual trust. Our values encourage a high degree of autonomy and individual responsibility. We don’t need a quota for women as our ratio of women to men is 4:3. And a particular family-friendly feature: more than a third of our colleagues work part-time


We live / fairness


We believe in moral values and principles that apply to all cultures: Humanity and justice. We are aware of our social responsibility and want to contribute with our projects to a bright future for the generations to come. In doing so we foster a fair and honest relationship with each other and our clients.


We live / volunteering


In 2017 we have started to engage and volunteer for the amateur football league in Frankfurt. We want to use our talents to strengthen the civil society of Frankfurt and encourage young people to refurbish their football fields under their own leadership, thus helping them to further develop personal and social skills. Learning self-management and the associated experience of success will help to transfer the acquired capabilities into other aspects of life.