Tendermanagement - Refurbishment Mühltalbad Darmstadt-Eberstadt


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Darmstädter Stadtentwicklungs GmbH & Co.KG

Project Description

The Mühltalbad was built in 1959 and is essentially the same as it was at the time it was built. The entire complex, including the outdoor facilities, has been a listed cultural monument since the 1990s. Since the early 2000s, there has been a comprehensive need for renovation in the Mühltalbad. Due to the great importance for leisure and popular sports in Darmstadt and the classification as a cultural monument, the Mühltalbad will undergo a thorough renovation. The Darmstädter Stadtentwicklungs GmbH & Co.KG (DSE) takes over the project management for the complete renovation and the modernization of the Mühltalbad for the City of Science Darmstadt.


PRPOPROJEKT supported the DSE in the coordination and implementation of two Europe-wide negotiation procedures with participation competition according to § 17 VgV for the award of the services of object planning and technical equipment.


  • Compilation, formal review and publication of the tender documents
  • Development of the evaluation criteria
  • Digital implementation of the submission
  • Participation in the coordination of the bid reviews and preparation of the award notes
  • Creation and dispatch of the bidder information letters in accordance with § 134 GWB
  • Documentation of the entire award procedure and creation of the award file

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