Stadium Freiburg – Cost Validation and Tender Management Strategy


Building constructions


Strategic consultancy / Project development / Real estate economics / Procurement support


2014 - 2015


Amt für Projektentwicklung und Stadterneuerung, City of Freiburg i. Br.

Stadium Freiburg – Cost Validation and Tender Management Strategy

Project Description

The City of Freiburg im Breisgau (i.B.) intends to build a new football stadium for the local football club (SC Freiburg) at the site “Wolfswinkel”. Being a contracting authority, the City of Freiburg i.B. is subject to the European procurement law in the process of such property developments. Hence the entire tendering procedure and the subsequent structural measures as well as a still to be developed binding land-use plan add up to a highly sophisticated overall process with multiple single procedures.

PROPROJEKT has been commissioned initially by the local city development authority (Amt für Projektentwicklung und Stadterneuerung) with a plausibility check of the existing project cost estimates for the new stadium. For this purpose two different and independent approaches – top-down and bottom up –were chosen. Beyond, PROPROJEKT has been assigned for a comprehensive consultancy service to evaluate an optimal method regarding the tendering procedures and the subsequent structural measures. This includes a comprehensive analysis and assessment of different tendering procedures on the one hand corresponding to the requirements and restrictions of the European procurement law and on the other hand regarding the objectives of the City of Freiburg i.Br. and the SC Freiburg. The latter were developed in a joint workshop for 6 different categories – organisation, tendering procedures and contracts, appointments and coordination, costs and cost monitoring, architecture and construction quality as well as the impact of the parallel compiling of the binding land-use plan – in order to use these objectives as evaluation criteria for the assessed models.


  • Top-down plausibility check: Benchmark analysis of construction costs of newly constructed stadia
  • Bottom-up plausibility check: Compiling of a budget for a comparative football stadium
  • Compilation of the essential tendering procedures
  • Comprehensive analysis of the tendering procedures corresponding to the European procurement law
  • Assessment of the tendering procedures regarding the objectives of the City of Freiburg i.Br. and the SC Freiburg

Picture Credits

Aerial view: Patrick Seeger

Visualisation: AS+P – Albert Speer + Partner GmbH / HH Vision

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