Redevelopment of Munich's Wholesale Market


Building constructions


Strategic consultancy / Project development / Real estate economics / Procurement support


2013 - 2014


City of Munich

Redevelopment of
Munich's Wholesale Market

Project Description

The centrally located property of Munich's wholesale market requires an extensive functional re-development regarding urban planning and transport connections. In this context, a large part of the existing and partly obsolescent market halls have to be substituted by newly constructed buildings according to the standards of a suitable and sustainable market concept. The consequences of the redevelopment of existing buildings are on the one hand a high degree of planning dependency and on the other hand high development costs.

The City of Munich assigned AS+P and PRRPROJEKT with a feasibility study to develop and elaborate two planning options for the 25 ha large property. Both planning options have been summarized in a synopsis which provides the foundation for a decision of the next steps for the City Council of Munich. PROPROJEKT was in charge of the economic supervision of the planning work and was further responsible for the reply of all economic questions within the redevelopment process.


  • Economic supervision of the developed concept
  • Assessment of investment volume
  • Estimation of potential funding
  • Calculation of rental fees

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AS+P – Albert Speer + Partner GmbH

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