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2014 – 2016


German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB)

User Project Management DOSB

Project Description

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has launched a comprehensive European tendering procedure for the enlargement and a reorganisation of its facilities. The acceptance of the tendering procedure, managed by PROPROJEKT, has been awarded to the construction company nesseler grünzig bau together with HPP Architects. After signing the contract on July, 10th 2014 the biennial planning and construction period has started. The turnkey delivery of the new office building and the refurbished existing building is scheduled for June 2016.


PROPROJEKT was commissioned with the project management in support of the DOSB regarding its cooperation duties during the planning and construction period. PROPROJEKT's assignment includes setting up a comprehensive organisational structure, supervising the change management to monitor the building costs, professional support of the DOSB with all planning and construction issues and review and approval of the construction planning.

Time lapse video of the DOSB construction site. The full video can be watched on our YouTube Channel.

Neubau DOSB Hauptverwaltung
Neubau DOSB Hauptverwaltung
Neubau DOSB Hauptverwaltung
Neubau DOSB Hauptverwaltung


  • Project management
  • Development of the organisational structure
  • Support of the DOSB regarding all construction issues
  • Change management
  • Review and approval of the construction planning
  • Reporting and documentation

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