Project initiation „New Town Center“ Eppstein-Vockenhausen


Building constructions


Strategic consultancy / Project development


2020 - 2021


City of Eppstein

Project Description

The city of Eppstein is characterised by a significant special dissection caused by the incorporation of four formerly independent municipalities and currently has four administrative locations. The town hall is currently divided into two locations (town hall I and town hall II), which are to be merged in the future. As part of a feasibility study, locations for a new town hall and variants for the design of a new town centre in Vockenhausen have already been examined.

Neue Ortsmitte Eppstein 02

In a first step ("project initiation"), PROPROJEKT is currently clarifying the requirements and needs of the city of Eppstein and its citizens to be addressed by the project as part of a project development study. In addition, the structure of the project, considering the framework conditions including the available space, is being determined.

The aim is the establishment of a project framework that has been checked and coordinated with regard to all urban planning, economic, legal (public law, building law, contract law, procurement law) and other project-related issues with a clear and binding structure and process organisation, which can be submitted to the decision-makers of the city of Eppstein as a basis for decision-making about the implementation of the project.


  • Project Initiation
  • Requirement analysis and management
  • Coordination and bringing about of decisions

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City of Eppstein

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