Profitability Analysis for a New Stadium in Oldenburg


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2017 / 2022


City of Oldenburg

Profitability Study for a Potential New Stadium in Oldenburg

Project Description

The Marschweg Stadium in Oldenburg does not fully meet the requirements for modern event operations within the framework of the leagues of the German Bundesliga and the leagues of the DFB. For this reason, the City of Oldenburg decided in 2017 to have a feasibility study carried out for a new stadium suitable for the 3. Liga at the "Maastrichter Straße”. Due to the changed framework conditions in the five years since 2017 (increased construction costs, changes in interest rates and the licensing requirements for participation in the 3. Liga), this feasibility study was updated in 2022 and two smaller stadium variants (5,000 and 7,500 spectators respectively) were added.

Stadion Oldenburg_03

PROPROJEKT was commissioned by the City of Oldenburg to perform a profitability analysis as part of the feasibility study. This includes the derivation of construction, financing, maintenance and operating costs as well as the calculation of the revenue potentials associated with the new stadium. In addition, an analysis and calculation of the socio-economic impact of the planned new stadium construction was conducted.


  • Derivation of the expected construction and financing costs

  • Determination of operating and maintenance costs as well as depreciation

  • Calculation of the stadium-related revenue potential (including naming rights, ticketing, catering, hospitality)

  • Calculation of profitability and comparison of investment and operator models

  • Calculation of the socio-economic impact

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