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Project Description

Since its opening in 1957, the National Theatre in Mannheim has not undergone any major refurbishment. Therefore, in 2015 the city of Mannheim has decided to carry out a general renovation for the listed building. An interdisciplinary planning team was incrementally commissioned with the design of the planning phase one, two and three of the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers (HOAI). In the beginning of August 2017 the client received the results of the preliminary design (phase two).

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PROPROJEKT was assigned by the project office to check the preliminary design for plausibility and accordance with the project objectives. The main aspects of the evaluation included a review of the requirements of the HOAI, a check of the implementation of the client’s specifications – especially regarding stage technology – as well as a verification of the cost estimate. The evaluation results and the derived recommendations for action were delivered on schedule to the project office at the end of September.


  • Comparison of the submitted preliminary design with the requirements of the HOAI phase two, to check whether the tasks have been fully completed
  • Review of the implementation of the client’s specifications (user requirements)
  • Plausibility check of the planning, in particular the stage technology as a central element, especially regarding the functionality of the venues as well as with respect to the costs
  • Plausibility check of the cost estimates
  • Summary of results and recommendations for action

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