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Building constructions


Strategic consultancy / Project development / Real estate economics / Procurement support


2017 - 2018


Olympiapark München GmbH

Project Description

The Olympiapark München GmbH (OMG) was mandated by the state capital of Munich, Germany, to issue a call for tenders for the construction of a new sports arena on the site of the former velodrome in the Olympiapark. The new arena is supposed to serve as the home venue for Munich’s professional ice hockey and basketball teams and be used for the local sports-for-all clubs and schools as well. Further, the sports arena shall be constructed by a private investor.

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PROPROJEKT was commissioned to carry out the procurement management. The project was designed to be realised as a building concession on a leasehold property. After a Europe-wide public tender announcement and the realisation of the competitive bidding, a negotiation process based on the compiled procurement documents was implemented with the interested bidders. The awarding of the concession was supervised until the contract award decision. At the same time, PROPROJEKT was commissioned to analyse the offering price of the bid and the economic feasibility of the project from the perspective of the concessionaire, which was done by applying business modelling based on identifying and quantifying all relevant potential revenues and expenditures


  • Development of the awarding strategy
  • Business modelling and feasibility analysis of the building concession
  • Process design, general timeline management and organisation
  • Specification of services
  • Preparation of the Europe-wide public tender announcement
  • Development of the evaluation criteria for the competitive bidding and the awarding
  • Realisation of the competitive bidding
  • Assessment of the submitted offers
  • Preparation, realisation and postprocessing of the negotiations
  • Preparation of the award proposal and documentation

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