Mediterranean Games Bid Alexandria 2017


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2010 – 2011


National Sports Council of Egypt

Mediterranean Games Bid
Alexandria 2017

Project Description

The Mediterranean Games are an international sports event for athletes from all the countries on the rim of the Mediterranean Sea, the realisation of an idea that first arose in 1948 during the Olympic Games in London. Today, the Mediterranean Games are a well-established international sports mega-event with several thousand participants that takes place every four years – always one year after the Olympic Games.


Almost 60 years after the first Mediterranean Games 1951 was held in Alexandria, the Egyptian National Olympic Committee decided to place a bid to host the XVIII Mediterranean Games in 2017 – bringing the outstanding competition back to Alexandria for a second time.

PROPROJEKT - together with AS+P, abold and GRID from Cairo – have been appointed to support the National Sports Council of Egypt in planning, co-ordinating and preparing all the relevant bid documents. In addition to the overall process coordination, PROPROJEKT is in charge of strategic supervision of the planning as well as development and editing of the final application documents (Bid Book).


  • Co-ordination of the Bid
  • Compilation and editing of the Bid Book and related documents

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AS+P – Albert Speer + Partner GmbH, Visualisierungen HH Vision

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