Integrated Mega Event Planning for Qatar


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2011 – 2012


Ministry of Municipalities and Urban Planning

Integrated Mega Event Planning for Qatar

Project Description

Qatar has the ambitious plan to deliver the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, while staying true to its 2030 Vision. The development of world class transport infrastructure, which is part of Qatar’s long term development strategy, has to be coordinated with the requirements of this mega event as well as with Doha’s bids for Olympic Games. Sports venues, training sites, Fan Zones, team and media facilities and hotels will have to be accessed by different means of transport. By any standards this is an enormous undertaking, especially since the entire world is watching Qatar’s efforts before, during and after the 2022 FIFA World Cup™. To coordinate all current and planned transport infrastructure projects Atkins established a Central Planning Office (CPO) for the Ministry of Municipalities and Urban Planning.

On behalf of the CPO, PROPROJEKT together with AS+P were responsible for aligning the planned transportation infrastructure and its timing of implementation with FIFA and IOC requirements. On that account not only the planning and phasing had to be reviewed, but also event concepts had been reassessed and potential alternatives had been proposed. Quantity frameworks including modal splits for the FIFA World Cup™ as well as for the Olympic Games had been developed; to define the expected competition related traffic and consequences for the different transportation modes.


  • FIFA/ IOC requirement evaluation
  • Compliance with event needs
  • Event scenario development
  • General management advisory

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AS+P – Albert Speer + Partner GmbH

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