Implementation Group for Educational Buildings


Building constructions


Strategic consultancy / Process support


2016 - 2017


City of Frankfurt am Main, Department for Education

Implementation Group for Educational Buildings

Project Description

The population growth in Frankfurt am Main, which has been going on for years, has led to a considerable increase in the need for school and day-care capacities. The integrated school development plan (iSEP) shows the existing school buildings and the necessary adjustments to offer a needs-based education according to expected public demands. It clearly shows how big the current need for new schools, extensions to existing schools, conversions and renovation measures is. Rapid implementation of the identified measures poses great challenges for the administration of the City of Frankfurt am Main.

In regard to the complexity of the measures, the Department for Education has commissioned PROPROJEKT to accompany the structuring of school building topics and the handling of cross-departmental topics in relation to upcoming and ongoing school construction measures regarding the implementation of school and day-care facilities.

Realisierungskreis 02

PROPROJEKT carried out the creation of the organisational structure, the process support and appointment coordination as well as the elaboration of an overall overview of all upcoming and ongoing school construction measures in close coordination with the Department for Education and the specialist offices involved.


  • Controlling of school building measures (development of a complete overview and decision templates)
  • Implementation of an organisational structure
  • Launch of regular coordination meetings
  • Controlling of the project organisation
  • Coordinating and supporting the decision-making process
  • Reporting and communications

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