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RoundGlass Wellbeing India

Project Description

RoundGlass Wellbeing India wants to build a state-of-the-art sports academy in Punjab province in northern India. The academy will be based on the three strategic pillars of sports, education and sustainability. Besides the focus sports football, hockey and tennis, it will offer world-class facilities and equipment not only for sports training but also for education, sport science, accommodation, and cultural events. Up to 500 students will attend the academy and more than 500 jobs will be created.

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PROPROJEKT together with AS+P was commissioned to develop the concept and analyze the feasibility of the sports academy. This included the development of the vision for the academy, international benchmark analysis, requirements planning and demand assessment of future user groups as well as the definition of key criteria of excellence. Based on these initial steps, a detailed programming was developed, which was then transferred into a masterplan for the site including successive development steps and the respective implementation timeline. Preliminary architectural design options were developed, and a detailed cost planning and operating assessment was performed, including construction and maintenance costs, operating costs, staffing, revenue generating potentials and different operating model options.


  • Feasibility and Concept Study
  • Benchmarking of state-of-the-art sport academies and training centers worldwide
  • Vision development and demand assessment
  • Programming
  • Master planning, phasing and construction sequencing incl. construction timeline
  • Preliminary architectural design
  • Cost planning and economic assessment

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