Demand analysis and economic feasibility study for a new ice hall in Freiburg


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Department for project development and urban renewal (APS), City of Freiburg im Breisgau

Project Description

The city of Freiburg im Breisgau is planning to build a new ice stadium to replace the old "Echte-Helden-Arena" which is only limited operational due to structural reasons. In addition to the DEL2 club EHC Freiburg (“Wölfe”), the hall is also used by other clubs and groups for mass and leisure sports as well as public ice skating.

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In order to define what a new ice rink in Freiburg can and must offer in order to cover local demands, PROPROJEKT was commissioned by the city of Freiburg to carry out a detailed demand analysis followed by a feasibility study and economic analysis.


Accordingly, the relevant user groups were identified and their requirements assessed - both for participation in DEL2 games and for popular and leisure sports - and transferred to a requirements plan with recommendations for spectator capacity, number of ice rinks, standards and functions. This then served as the basis for the development of a space program for the new ice rink.


In the next step, several variants of the new ice rink with different sizes and construction types were further tested and visualized by the experts from Albert Speer + Partner GmbH by schematic test planning.


In order to assess the profitability of the hall, both the costs (construction, maintenance, financing, operation) and the revenue potential (e.g. naming rights, sponsoring, ticketing, hospitality, catering) were determined and compared in scenarios.


In addition, various implementation and operator models were expanded and evaluated, differences between conventional and modular construction were highlighted, and possible expansion options were examined and evaluated.


  • Market & competition analysis
  • Demand analysis including the requirements of stakeholders or future user groups
  • Creation of a space allocation plan with recommendations for standards and qualities
  • Test planning for several variants of the hall (by AS+P)
  • Determination of costs and revenue potentials
  • Scenario-based economic profitability analysis
  • Comparative assessment of different investment, realisation and operating models

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City of Freiburg im Breisgau

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH

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