Coordinated Construction Logistics at Frankfurt am Main Airport


Building constructions


Strategic consultancy / Project management


2017 - 2020


Fraport AG, Central Infrastructure Management (ZIM)

Project Description

The Frankfurt am Main airport is a complex and vivid system, in which multiple construction measures on the one hand guarantee the constantly necessary improvements in infrastructure, while on the other hand they might interfere with each other and may have effects on the airport operations. Continuously there are several construction projects being planned, managed and realized. Among those, there are several large-scale projects like the new Terminal 3 and its connection to the passenger transport system until the year 2023. Each individual construction project has its specific requirements in regard to construction logistics, which have to be taken into consideration.

With the main goal of assuring the continuous functionality of the infrastructure at the airport, it was recognized that a superordinate coordination of the construction logistics planning and measures is required.

The project ‘Coordinated Construction Logistics’ was therefore initiated in order to provide an overview over current and future projects and to coordinate the requirements of the individual projects in regard to the total infrastructure and the operations of the airport. Firstly, a survey of all projects was conducted within all business areas of Fraport and all involved external companies, in which the relevant aspects and measures were collected. Secondly, certain areas (hotspots) with a particular accumulation of projects and conflicts regarding the requirements for construction logistics were identified. For these hotspots, working groups were established in order to identify current and future conflicts and develop adequate solutions for them.

This establishing of an appropriate project organization and the design and configuration of the processes providing a framework for regular and guided coordination was a main goal of this project. In addition, tools were developed in order to support coordination and decision making during the assessments. This includes among others a graphic and tabular overview of all projects and measures.


  • Establishment of a project organisation and implementation in the ongoing Fraport processes
  • Structured survey of current and future projects and setup of a data base
  • Establishment of a project organisation as a framework for the coordination of the individual projects and documentation of the related communication
  • Graphic and tabular overview of the survey results and preparation of timelines
  • Capturing of effects on the existing transport and traffic system
  • Development of superordinate solutions for the improvement of construction logistics in the area of the airport

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