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2010 – 2011


Fraport AG, IFM

Contracting Management
Terminal 3

Project Description

As part of the extension of Frankfurt Main Airport, Fraport AG is planning the construction of Terminal 3, an additional passenger terminal on the site of the former US air base.


The architectural competition was won by a proposal submitted by Prof. Christoph Mäckler Architekten. On this basis, contracts will be awarded for the detailed planning, project management and construction tasks. All contracts will be awarded in the framework of a uniform and coherent strategy in order to synchronise the content, financial and legal aspects of the different project components.

Terminal 3_Luftbild

A consortium consisting of PROPROJEKT and WPV Construction Management was commissioned to develop a customised contracts strategy through 2013. It will cover all planning and construction contracts awarded. After definition of the project units that would be put out to tender, the consortium monitored the tendering and contracts process for the overall project planning, detailed planning, project management and consulting services.


  • Contracting strategy for planning and construction services
  • Defining the scopes of work for general project and sectoral planning
  • Controlling and consulting
  • Conducting the pan-European negotiation procedures

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