Contracting Management DOSB


Building constructions


Procurement support / Process support


2013 – 2014


German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB)

Contracting Management DOSB

Project Description

The office space requirements of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) exceed the existing facilities in the Otto-Fleck-Schneise in Frankfurt. The current building, used together with various other sports associations, “Haus II” dating back to 1990, is out of date in terms of technology and energy-efficiency and needs a major upgrade. For “Haus I” which is used exclusively by the DOSB and dating back to 1971, upgrading is not an option due to the poor space efficiency. In this context, the DOSB is considering an enlargement and a reorganisation of its facilities at the existing site.


PROPROJEKT has been commissioned by the DOSB with the tender management in order to award a design and construction consortium. This includes the complete project organisation, the implementation of the tender process, the development of the procurement documents as well as the examination and the assessment of the design and construction consortium.


  • Overall tender management
  • Development of the procurement documents
  • Organisation, implementation and assessment of the tender process
  • Preparation, implementation and post processing of the negotiation with the bidders
  • Development of the tender recommendation and closing documentation

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Visualisation: nesseler grünzig bau gmbh, HPP Architekten

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