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Concept Study Munich 2022

Concept Study Munich 2022

Project Description

Both the German National Olympic Sports Committee and the City of Munich favoured a second bid of Munich to host the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2022 after the initial bid for the Winter Games 2018 was lost to PyeongChang. The reapplication would have been based on the highly praised concept developed for the bid 2018. However, before a new bid could be considered, the original concept had to be revised and optimised as the field of competitors had changed. Moreover, the city of Munich would have only applied to the International Olympic Committee if the majority of the citizens of the participating municipalities would have supported the bid.


PROPROJEKT and AS+P, jointly forming the ARGE Munich 2022, revised the 2018 concept. The result was an utmost sustainable and at the same time internationally competitive bid concept for 2022 which served as a basis for both the decision of the German National Olympic Sports Committee as well as the public decision in November 2013. In September 2013, the German National Olympic Sports Committee unanimously voted in favour of a second bid, only one organization abstained. Unfortunately, in the subsequent public decision the majority of the citizens voted against.

PROPROJEKT was in charge of the strategic planning and assumed not only the coordination in the fields of competition and non-competition venues, transportation, accommodation, environment and climate but also the collaboration with all parties involved in the planning process. Moreover, PROPROJEKT was responsible for maintaining compliance with IOC requirements and standards.

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  • International benchmarking
  • Coordination of subject matter experts
  • Concept optimisation
  • Compilation and editing of the optimised concept

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AS+P – Albert Speer + Partner GmbH, Visualisation Gärtner + Christ GbR

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