Archi­tec­tural Com­pet­i­tion Baufeld 26 Nord

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Frankfurt am Main
Baufeld 26 Nord Projektgesellschaft GmbH

The con­struc­tion site ‘26 North’ is the last unplanned con­struc­tion site in Frank­furt‘s Euro­pavier­tel, where the City of Frank­furt has held out the pro­spect of a sky­scraper with res­id­en­tial usage. To ensure the qual­ity of urban devel­op­ment, an archi­tec­tural com­pet­i­tion in accord­ance with the Guidelines for Plan­ning Com­pet­i­tions (RPW 2013) was car­ried out in coordin­a­tion with the Plan­ning Depart­ment of the City of Frank­furt am Main and the Asso­ci­ation of Archi­tects and Urban Plan­ners of the German State of Hesse.

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PRO­PRO­JEKT was com­mis­sioned to organ­ize and con­duct the pro­cess and to pre-exam­ine the archi­tec­tural designs. The com­pet­i­tion was con­duc­ted as a single-phase archi­tec­tural com­pet­i­tion with 6 par­ti­cipants. The aim of the com­pet­i­tion was to develop an archi­tec­tur­ally appeal­ing and eco­nomic design solu­tion taking into account the required object­ives of the owner.


  • Con­fig­ur­a­tion of the formal con­di­tions
  • For­mu­la­tion and coordin­a­tion of the con­tent of the com­pet­i­tion in agree­ment with the owner, the Plan­ning Depart­ment and the
  • Build­ing Super­vi­sion of the City of Frank­furt and the Asso­ci­ation of Archi­tects and Urban Plan­ners of Hesse
  • Devel­op­ment and dis­tri­bu­tion of the com­pet­i­tion doc­u­ment and for­mu­la­tion of the main tasks
  • Pre­lim­in­ary exam­in­a­tion of the archi­tec­tural designs
  • Pre­par­a­tion and real­iz­a­tion of the jury con­fer­ence
  • Com­ple­tion and doc­u­ment­a­tion of the com­pet­i­tion

Credits / Cover

Bau­feld 26 Nord Pro­jekt­ge­sell­schaft GmbH, KSP Jürgen Engel Archi­tek­ten