Alternative Uses for Buildung No. 101


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Alternative Uses
for Building No. 101

Project Description

Initiated by the requirement to improve building No. 101’s structural fire protection, a task force was set up consisting of Fraport and PROPROJEKT to develop economically sound alternative uses for the workshop and office building. Working to a tight time frame, a preliminary draft was drawn up that covered thorough modernisation of the building; it was accompanied by a study on alternative uses. Moreover, the analysis reflected possible new site use of other buildings to be demolished and re-weightings in Fraport’s real estate portfolio. The aim of the project: to define the core elements for the economically and functionally effective development of the project.

PROPROJEKT put devised a series of alternative uses that were presented for discussion by the “task force”. The proposals included: enhanced space efficiency with the conversion of the lower levels into an underground car park; total demolition of the building and its replacement by a new successor; reorganisation of uses paired with additional upper floors for new offices, thus accommodating all the requirements that had evolved.


  • Analysis of requirements
  • Evaluation of economisation potential
  • Managing and structuring of task force meetings
  • Development and discussion of alternative models

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