»That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.« /
Neil Armstrong

Dear business partners and friends,


for the upcoming year we have taken many small steps to tackle big challenges. On the one hand we are full of excitement for the upcoming cooperation with you, on the other hand we want to consciously assume our social and ecological responsibility for future generations in 2022 and have started to optimise our office processes in the spirit of climate-friendly and sustainable changes.


We cordially invite you to join us and follow in the footsteps of great role models to improve our ecological footprint in small steps.


We are convinced that we can make big leaps actively and with a high degree of personal responsibility and wish you a happy, prosperous and sustainable New Year 2022.



Step 1

Ecological travel


We like to move both ourselves and our projects forward! In doing so, we carefully balance the efficiency and emission in our means of transport.


It is important for us to promote individual and local mobility through our job bike offer and the change towards electric vehicles.


When traveling within Germany, we generally avoid short-haul flights and consistently take the train to contribute to improving our ecological footprint.


For unavoidable air travel in our international projects, we offset the CO2 emissions that arise, and support climate protection projects and the expansion of renewable energy sources, thereby moving step by step towards a decarbonised economy.

Step 2

Save resources


In order that the world doesn't stay the way it is but rather becomes greener, we use green electricity for our offices. This way, we reduce the emissions needed for operating our IT infrastructure, our office lighting, our devices in the kitchenettes and our electric vehicles by more than 90% compared to conventional electricity.


One simple step towards a more ecological footprint!

Step 3

Sustainable sourcing


We totally agree with Greta and help to improve our ecological footprint step by step. For example, we purchase organically sourced fair-trade coffee, and our tea kitchens provide a vegan alternative to normal milk. Our fruit baskets in the office are climate-neutral and contain apples from regional cultivation and certified bananas from sustainable and ecological production.


To improve animal welfare and reduce CO2, we look for vegetarian and vegan alternatives at our company parties. Small and easy steps to make a positive difference, right?

Step 4

Engage socially


The founder of our partner company AS+P Albert Speer + Partner is of course right and we are happy to follow in his footsteps.


As an important step towards more sustainability at PROPROJEKT, we regularly support selected social initiatives. Last year, for example, together with AS+P, we volunteered to advise and support Help for Children with Cancer in Frankfurt with a structural analysis and real estate economic valuation of their properties.


In 2022 we will volunteer at the 3rd Special Olympics State Games in Hesse and make an active contribution to inclusion in sport.

Step 5

Save energy


What the famous German sports reporter shouted on the radio in the 1954 FIFA World Cup Final in Bern applies (after work) to


  • our monitors – OFF!
  • our computers – OFF!
  • our heating – OFF!
  • our lighting – OFF!
  • and of course, our coffee machine – OFF!

These small steps are a natural contribution to save energy while maintaining the efficiency of our work processes – and to help Germany take a world-class leap towards meeting the 2030 climate targets.

In this sense – OFF /
but only with the quotes... continue with small and larger steps in the new year.

Join in if you like!

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