Coordinated construction logistics at Frankfurt Airport: construction progress of PTS

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Regardless of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on international air traffic, the support construction for the new passenger transport system (PTS) connection to Terminal 3, which is due to open in the south of the site around 2024 and will increase the airport's total capacity to around 90 million passengers per year, has been underway since mid-2019. Approximately 80 support columns are being built for the new 5.6 km route and now the lifting of the guideway girders begins. Steel or reinforced concrete girders weighing up to 40 tons are lifted and mounted on the support columns synchronously by two assembly cranes. It will take until around mid / late 2022 until all the guideway girders are installed. After completion, the driving system will be installed on the new guideway. Each individual crane location must be coordinated in detail with many parties involved, since the lifting operations take place in very confined spaces on the airport premises or in ​​public road areas.

Koordinierte Baulogistik 02

PROPROJEKT supports Fraport AG as part of the Coordinated Construction Logistics project with the overall logistics coordination of this and all other construction projects at Frankfurt Airport. Coordination between project representatives and those responsible for operations is carried out on an ongoing basis and status plans for the logistical requirements of the construction projects are compiled. Guaranteeing smooth airport operations taking into account the space and time requirements of the individual construction projects is always the main focus of the project.


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