10th Federal Congress on National Urban Development Policy

This year’s congress is dedicated to the important topic of migration and aims to contribute to the debate on how to achieve inclusive urban development and build social cohesion within the neighborhood, the district and the city. Exemplary experiences, projects, academic research and political strategies will be presented. The congress allows the discussion on comprehensive, innovative solutions and is a venue for constructive networking. The general objective of the 10th Congress on National Urban Development is to stimulate the preservation of cities as livable places. Heading “Civic energies – creating cohesion” the conference focuses on challenges for municipalities and on social liability, involvement and participation taking into account current issues like immigration, demographic change and strained housing situations. Renowned experts and representatives from politics, urban planning and society share their experiences and know-how and collaborate with the participants. Actors of numerous paradigmatic projects in all over Germany are showcasing their ideas and approaches, speak about strategies and reviews. A wide range of side events and excursions by partners complement the congress.


Further information on the venue and the programme (German language only)


In cooperation with Büro Kaufmann, PROPROJEKT supported the BMVBS with the development and coordination of concept and program, the documentation and the comprehensive project management.

10. Bundeskongress Nationale Stadtentwicklungspolitik


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