10. October 2017

Pro­cure­ment sup­port for the city of Frank­furt on the Main

Since 2014, PRO­PRO­JEKT is con­sult­ing the Depart­ment for public con­struc­tion (Hoch­bauamt) regard­ing the pro­cure­ment of plan­ning ser­vices.

The pro­jects in which PRO­PRO­JEKT has recently sup­por­ted the City of Frank­furt cover a wide range

  • around 20 con­struc­tion pro­jects for schools, includ­ing the new build­ing for Ludwig Weber-Schule, the wooden mod­u­lar con­struc­tion of Gym­nas­ium Frank­furt Nord, the new build­ing of Gym­nas­iale Ober­stufe Pre­un­gesheim, the exten­sion for Henri-Dunant-Schule
  • Renov­a­tion of The Bolongaro Palace, a baroque build­ing in Frank­furt-Höchst
  • Tech­nical renov­a­tion of Schirn Kun­sthalle, an import­ant exhib­i­tion venue in the city center
  • Renov­a­tion and mod­ern­iz­ing fire pro­tec­tion for high-rise bunkers from the Second World War
  • Mod­ern­iz­ing stage equip­ment of Alte Oper, con­cert hall and former opera house
  • Total renov­a­tion of St. Paul’s church

For fur­ther inform­a­tion please visit the related data­sheet.

Vergabemanagement Stadt Frankfurt 01